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elsA is the ONERA software for complex external and internal flow simulations and for multi-disciplinary applications involving aerodynamics. That includes the following disciplines or topics:
  • Aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, aerothermics coupling, aeroacoustics coupling;
  • Aircrafts, helicopters, turbomachinery, missiles, launchers, air intakes, nozzles, propulsive jets;
  • Research and industrial applications;
  • Euler, RANS, URANS, DES, LES simulations;
  • Mono-species perfect gas assumption with a user-given value of the specific heat ratio (equilibrium real gas assumption in development);
  • Calculation of sensitivities for optimum design.
The objectives of the elsA project aim at providing a software that is :
  • a federative support for research on physical and numerical modelling;
  • a long-term facility for capitalizing research results;
  • a tool helping to investigate and understand flow physics;
  • a powerful and user-friendly multi-purpose tool for applied CFD and multi-physics;
  • a medium from research to industry;
  • a tool open to co-operative work.

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