CPlot : Anaglyphs

In Cassiopee module CPlot, Red/Cyan anaglyph mode is triggered by: CPlot.setState(stereo=1).
In tkCassiopee interface, anaglyph can be triggered in View:tkStereo.
Red/Cyan glasses are required!
              View of an octree mesh (red/cyan anaglyph) by B. Cantaloube.

              View of a model of grand canyon (red/cyan anaglyph) by C. Benoit.

              View of a model of roses (red/cyan anaglyph) by C. Benoit.

              View of an agglomerated mesh around a M6 wing (red/cyan anaglyph) by B. Cantaloube.

              Turbulence (iso-Q) over a wing (red/cyan anaglyph) by M. Terracol.

              Turbulence (iso-Q) near a slat (red/cyan anaglyph) by M. Terracol.

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