What is Cassiopée?

A set of Python modules for CFD pre- and post-processing

Cassiopée (CFD Advanced Set of Services In an Open Python EnvironmEnt) is a set of Python modules providing advanced services for preparing CFD computations and post-processing CFD solutions. This is a research software developped by Onera, the French Aerospace Lab and distributed as free software under GPL3. Cassiopée is independent of any solver and can be used with any multiblock/overset structured/unstructured flow solver. Basically, all modules can manipulate two open data types (see Converter introduction): the first one is called an array and is a direct encapsulation of a numpy array. The second one is called the CGNS Python tree. CGNS is a data model enabling the description of a numerical simulation case. CGNS is now widely used in the CFD community for exchanging data between the various softwares of a simulation pipeline (mesh generators, flow/structure/thermal solvers, post-processing tools). The package contains the following Python modules among others:

All module functions are of course usable in Python scripts. In addition, a graphical user interface enabling to access the major modules functions [see Fig] is also available. These modules are successfully used for fixed wing, helicopter, propeller and turbomachninary complex applications.

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