tkCassiopee : 2D structured meshing

This tutorial demonstrates how to generate a structured multiblock mesh around a 1D geometry.
If you don't have a 1D geometry, try this sample file:
[Dowload sample file].
First go to 2D mode using Visu::tkView and set 'XY'.

Setting the point distribution

You first have to suit the point distribution to your need. Open Edge::tkMapEdge. Perform Enforce where you want, with the desired mesh size. For instance, try to enforce 1.e-3 at the trailing edge (shift+click on the second to last point).


Open Mesh::tkExtrusion. Set the height of the layers to 5.e-2. Set the number of layers to 30. Select the profile and click on Add layers.

              Eventually, if the profile is badly oriented for extrusion and the extruded mesh is growing in the wrong direction, you can get it right: open Block::tkReorder. Select I->-I and click on 'Reorder'.
The next steps of the tutorial will show how to connect this mesh to an external given boundary.


Extract the external boundary of previously extruded mesh. First open Edge::tkExtractEdges. Then shift-click on the previously extruded mesh, and select 'External Edges' in the applet.

We will now create four TFI meshes.

Open Edge::tkDraw. Select 'Line' and 10 points in the applet settings. Click on Draw and ctrl-click on a mesh point of the graphics window to obtain a line as on the Figure. To make the point selection easier, you can deactivate the previously extruded mesh by shift+right-click on it in the graphics window. Repeat the procedure to obtain 4 lines:

              We are going to split the external boundary at line connection points. Go back to Edge::tkExtractEdges. Select the four lines and the external boundary of the extruded mesh. Finally, click on 'SplitTBranches'.

              We have then to copy the point distributions to make them match 2 to 2. Go again to Edge::tkMapEdge. Select an edge on the graphics window of the previously extruded mesh, press the arrow next to the copy button. Then, select the opposite edge and press 'Copy'. Repeat the procedure for the four parts of the split external boundary of the extruded mesh.

Generate the meshes by shift+clicking on four boundaries and press 'TFI' of the applet Mesh::tkTFI.

              Select all blocks and smooth them as you wish with Mesh::tkSmooth:Smooth.

Finally, add a stretching to capture the boundary layer. Open Mesh::tkStretch. Select 'j indices'. Set the Enforce setting to 1.e-4. Shift-click on the graphics window on the mesh and near the wall. Finally, press Enforce.

You should get someting like this:
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