tkCassiopee : 2D triangle meshing

This tutorial demonstrates how to generate a triangle mesh around a 1D geometry.
If you don't have a 1D geometry, try this sample file:
[Dowload sample file].
First go to 2D mode using Visu::tkView and set 'XY'.

Setting the point distribution

You first have to suit the point distribution on the profile and on the outer boundaries to your need. Open Edge::tkMapEdge. Perform Enforce where you want, with the desired mesh size. For instance, try to enforce 1.e-3 at the trailing edge (shift+click on the second to last point).

Triangle mesh generation

Select all border lines either by shift+ctrl on the border in the graphics window or by clicking on "tree" in the TkTree.
Open Mesh::tkTetraMesher and click on 'tetraMesher'.

              Eventually, if the profile is badly oriented and a triangle mesh has been generated inside the profile, you can get it right: open Block::tkReorder. Select I->-I, select the profile and click on 'Reorder', then regenerate the triangle mesh.


If you want to smooth the mesh, open Mesh::tkSmooth. Select the mesh and click on 'Smooth'.

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