Dumping grid assembly data to files readable by elsA

This tutorial demonstrates how to compute Chimera connectivities and blanking with Cassiopee and generate files readable by elsA.

          Mesh after blanking and Density after 100 iterations of a elsA computation with Chimera files generated by Cassiopee by P. Raud.

In this example, the mesh is made of a Chimera assembly of two overlapping cylinders and a background Cartesian grid.

Chimera grid assembly is performed as in the previous tutorials. To compute interpolation coefficients and to generate interpolation and blanking files readable by elsAat the same time, the function X.setInterpolations of the Connector module must be used with the option: prefixFile.
Generated files can then be reread by elsA through keys 'chm_conn_io' and 'chm_conn_fprefix' keys.
Optional: to be able to reread the pyTree with the elsAxdt module, the function CE.convert2elsAxdt of the Converter module must be used.

[Download python script].
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