tkCassiopee : customization

This page describes how to customize the Cassiopee interface (tkCassiopee).

Global preferences
Right click on the State menu and choose tkPrefs.
              tkPrefs applet.

In this applet, you can set tkCassiopee global preferences:
- Display Info toggles on display informations.
- Bg color selects different colors for the display background.
- Undo toggles one level undo. Setting it to inactive can gain some memory.
- Envmap is the image used with environmental mapping shaders in render mode.
- Opened apps selects all opened currently opened applets. They will be automatically reopened at next restar. - Classic apps select a set of apps that are generally of frequent use to be automatically reopened.
Don't forget to save those informations to the prefs file.

Applet customization
Besides, tkCassiopee enables the customization of each applet individually.
First modify the settings in the applet as you wish.
              Saving preferences in an applet.

Then right click on the applet name (here: tkView) and choose 'Save'. The current settings will become the default applet setting.

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