tkCassiopee : mesh conversion

Cassiopee can be used to perform mesh conversion.
You can of course convert to different file formats, but also change the topology of your mesh and add/convert boundary conditions.

You should already have read how to select zones and how to open applets.
If you don't have a file to manipulate, try this sample file:
[Dowload sample file].

Converting file formats

Open your file with Cassiopee by typing:
cassiopee "file"
To change the file format, simply use the menu "File:Save as", and simply change the file extension to select a given format.
Available formats are described here.
In case of bug or missing format, dont hesitate to contact

Converting mesh topology

- Open Block::tkBlock and Block::tkNGon by right-clicking on Block and chosing the right applet:
              tkBlock applet.

- Select a zone (either by shift+click in the graphic window) or by shift-click in the tkTree window).
- Click on convert2Tetra to convert a block to a TETRA, TRI or BAR type, depending on element dimensions.
- Click on convert2Hexa to convert a block to a HEXA, QUAD or BAR type, depending on element dimensions.
- Click on convert2Node to convert a block to a NODE type.
- Click on convert2NGon to convert a block to a polyedral mesh.
- Click on close to "clean" a mesh, meaning suppressing identical points, identical faces and identical elements.

Checking/modifying boundary conditions

- Open Block::tkBC:
              tkBC applet.

- Click on View Mesh/BC with a given type to view the boundaries of this type.
If you select a boundary by clicking on it in the graphic window, you can see it in tkTree by clicking on Tool bar Fit View.
Conversely, you can click on a boundary in the tkTree, and view it graphically, using also Tool bar Fit View.
- Clicking on View undefined BCs will display only undefined boundaries, that is mesh boundaries that are NOT tagged with a boundary condition.
- When undefined BCs are displayed, click on a boundary in the graphic window. Then, clicking on setBCWith will set the given to type to this boundary.
- Clicking on connectMatch will rebuild a missing inter-block connectivity.

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