Generator : generation and adaptation of an unstructured octree mesh

This tutorial demonstrates how to generate an unstructured octree mesh and adapt it according to a sensor defined on the octree.

              Generated and adapted Octree mesh by S. Péron.

Octree mesh generation is performed with G.octree function, given a Naca profile.
Then we define a model sensor field, defined here at vertices. In practical applications, this field is often issued from a previous computation.
This sensor field is first transformed to an indicator field, using the function P.computeIndicatorField. This field is an integer field indicating if a cell must be refined, maintained or coarsen. You must provide to this function the approximative number of points you wish for the adapted octree (nbTargetPts).
Then, the function G.adaptOctree creates the new octree.
Finally, solution on the adapted octree can be obtained by interpolation using P.extractMesh.

[Download python script].
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