tkCassiopee : slicing surfaces with surfaces

This tutorial demonstrates how to slice a surface mesh with another one using the Cassiopee GUI. The two surfaces are not necessarily closed surfaces.
Written by Sam Landier.
To get an example to work with: [Dowload sample file].

First open Block::tkSplit by right-clicking on the Block menu and choosing tkSplit.

Step 1: joining all the surfaces into one zone
Select the lion head and the plane by shift+ctrl clicking on them in the graphical window or in the tkTree. Click on Join in the tkSplit applet.

Step 2: conformize the surface
By conformizing, we mean computing the intersection of the two surfaces and create triangles in the intersecting region. To perform that, open Surf::tkFixer2, and click on conformUnstr. Generally the settings of tolerance can be set to 0. (automatic computation of tolerance), but sometimes can be adjusted to a geometrical small distance in case of failure of the algorithm.


Step 3: separate the components
We will now splitting the resulting surface to avoid non manifold triangles (that is triangle edges connected to more than two triangles). Back to Block::tkSplit and click on splitManifold. You will then get 4 pieces, you can visualize by shift+right clicking on them.



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