elsA User's Workshop 2004 

Thursday, October 21, 2004, from 9:00 to 16:30
ONERA, Salle Contensou
29, av. de la Division Leclerc
92320 Châtillon

Unsteady rotor-fuselage interaction
elsA calculation by Thomas Renaud, ONERA

The DSNA department of ONERA has organized the elsA User's Workshop on Thursday, October 21, 2004 in Châtillon. The goal of elsA User's Workshops is to give an opportunity to elsA users to show and share experience. Applications on aircraft, turbomachinery and helicopter complex configurations are presented at this Workshop, both from ONERA and industrial partners. 

Timetable for elsA User's Workshop 2004 

Please note in the indicated timings below that the first time (between brackets) is the presentation time, and the second one is reserved for questions.

1 09:00 Welcome and introduction 

09:15 Specialized topics 
2.1 Thiery, M. 
"DES computations : principles and application to shock-induced oscillations
<15mn> + 5mn
2.2 Szydlowski, J. and Costes, M. and Gleize, V. 
(ONERA/DAAP (J.S. and M.C.) and ONERA/DSNA (V.C.))
"RANS and DES flow computations around a NACA0015 airfoil at stall"
<15mn> + 5mn
2.3 Dugeai, A. and Girodroux Lavigne, Ph. 
"Evolutions and new applications of the 'Aeroelasticity' module in elsA" 
<20mn> + 5mn
2.4 Poinot, M. and Costes, M. and Cantaloube, B. 
(ONERA/DSNA (M.P. and B.C) and ONERA/DAAP (M.C.)) 
"Gluing CGNS components for a CFD/CSM strong coupling"
<20mn> + 5mn
2.5 Gazaix, M. 
"Using elsA in parallel computations"
<15mn> + 5mn

3 11:20 Aircrafts
3.1 Larrieu, P. 
"Airbus feedback on elsA solver capabilities"
<30mn> + 5mn
3.2 Brunet, V. 
"URANS applications to the civil transport aircraft"
<15mn> + 5mn
3.3 Moens, F. 
"Computation of 3D high-lift configurations"
<15mn> + 5mn
3.4 Thorigny, P. 
"Store carrying and separation under a generic combat aircraft" 
<15mn> + 5mn

4 13:50 Helicopters
4.1  Castellin, Ch. 
"Overview of the use of Chimera and rotor related studies at Eurocopter" 
<20mn> + 5mn
4.2 Rodriguez, B. and Renaud, T. 
"Helicopter applications using advanced Chimera methods at ONERA"
<25mn> + 5mn

5 14:45 Turbomachinery

5.1 Leroy, G. and Ségura, F. 
"Use of elsA at Turbomeca"
<20mn> + 5mn
5.2 Billonnet, G. and Castillon, L. 
"Turbomachinery calculations at DAAP/H2T"
<15mn> + 5mn
5.3 Bastin, G. 
(SNECMA Moteurs) 
"Validation of elsA on Rotor 37" 
<10mn> + 5mn
5.4 Cayré, F. and Kueny, O. 
(SNECMA Moteurs) 
"Recent aerothermal results in turbines" 
<25mn> + 5mn


7 16:30 END