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Guidelines for developers

For information about the use of elsA software please refer to the User guidelines page.
You will find here information about the development of elsA software concerning :


The documentation of elsA software is mostly accessible on this web site. For documents who are not accessible or if you want a paper copy of any document please contact the elsA documentation manager.


Hereafter is, almost chronologically, an overall view of the different tasks that constitute elsA development process.
  • First of all it is important that you inform the Developer support of your planned development for a necessary co-ordination of the elsA evolution and then, that you do not hesitate in the course of your development, to exchange information with this support about your development. A day-to-day development/integration task planning is formalised.
  • You should write as soon as possible a documentation concerning theoretical bases and then design choices about your development. It will help in communicating with other developers and the developer support to consolidate your choices ; the corresponding Internal Notes are made available from the documentation data base. If your development is integrated in a reference version, your documentation will be ready to enrich the Theoretical Manual and the Design documentation about your development.
  • The configuration management system used for elsA development is CVS as described in User's Guide to CVS and production on elsA project. You should create a new CVS workspace for each new development. We enjoin you to bring regularly your development workspace up to date with the successive reference versions producted so as to profit by the evolution of the source during your development and minimize the updating task at the time of integration of your development.
  • Make a thorough use of the test case bases
    and prepare as soon as appropriate during your development non confidential test cases to enrich these bases for the validation and further maintenance of the features you are preparing.
  • Before integration, all elements produced for a development, ie documentation, source code and tests cases, are reviewed by developers. You will be asked to participate in reviewing other developer developments and other developers will review your developments. See the heading Development/Reviews for more information about reviewing a development and asking for an integration review.
  • When helping to track the bugs reported by users concerning parts of elsA you are familiar with, you will find all information under the heading Development/Problem Tracking.


Support to the developers is ensured by the elsA team. It covers
  • tutorship of the beginners,
  • co-ordination of design and implementation choices,
  • accompaniment of all developers in the evolution and instrumentation of the development process,
  • support for debugging production versions and
  • co-ordination of integration reviews.
The address elsA-infodev@onera.fr is specially dedicated to contact the developer support. You shall use it whenever you need something which concerns the developer support.
The developer support regularly sends information by mail to all developers about : new production versions, tips for development, problems detected in production versions... All these information is accessible in web archives as described in next heading.

How to communicate  

Several communication means are available to receive information or give some about development of elsA.