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Partners : contributors and customers

The making of a CFD software that is at the same time accurate, robust and efficient, and in constant evolution for extension of applicability range and improving of performance, requires to federate a large spectrum of skills. It is what we achieve with ONERA elsA software, to the making of which combine

  • skills in physics modelizations and numerical methods on subjects such as ALE, chimera technique, dual time stepping, implicit acceleration, low velocity preconditioning, moving frames, multigrid acceleration, turbulence modeling, transition modeling, aerolasticity, adjoint methods... ,
  • in-depth knowledge of physical phenomena occuring in various application domains such as aircraft, helicopter, turbomachinery... ,
  • use of modern and rigorous methods for software production in such matters as software architecture, design method, user interface, software engineering, configuration management, development, validation, project management, quality assurance, customer support, developer support, documentation... .
Inside ONERA, quite a lot of departments (some of them outside the Fluid Mechanics and Energetics Branch) are today involved in the development or the use of elsA software.

The list below sums up the involvement of each department and of two software services:

  • Development (software architecture, numerical schemes, block matching techniques, boundary conditions, RANS, URANS and LES modellings, gradient calculation, performances, parallelization)
  • Programme co-ordination, project management, configuration management, integration, porting activities, first validation, software production, software releases, documentation, trainings, maintenance, user support, developer support
  • Development (DES modelling, boundary conditions, post-treatment), support
  • Thorough validation
  • Use
  • Development (turbulence and transition modelling), support
  • Fundamental aerodynamics validation
  • Use
  • Development, support,
  • validation and use of fluid/structure coupling.
DAFE Use for theses in fundamental aerodynamics
DMPH Use for icing applications
DEFA Use for aerothermal coupling
GMT/DRIS/USGL Software Engineering Support
GMT/PSL Software Products and Services

Moreover Onera has several research partners which participate in elsA enrichment.

The main entities that are using elsA belong to the european aeronautics and space community, but not exclusively.

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