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Organization in the ONERA frame

The development of elsA software involves a combination of several type of activities, represented here by a "daisy" which illustrates the links between research projects and development activities of the elsA software. The concentric circles correspond to the stages of CFD numerical simulation :
  • Starting from the center (in yellow colour), basic research allows us to improve physical modelling (for example, turbulence modelling), and numerical modelling (discretization of the computational domain and of the Partial Differential Equations, then solving).
  • Specifications issued from basic research are an input to the software production stage (green circle), which includes design, development and verification (or first validation) activities.
  • Then, the validation stage (orange circle) allows us to explore the software application domain.
  • Lastly, the software may be used (blue circle) in order to understand basic phenomena (such as shock wave/boundary layer interactions, instabilities...) or to study new concepts, to predict performances or to optimize shapes.
There are obviously frequent feedbacks between these stages. The petals of the daisy correspond to the various projects or studies contributing to elsA software development. One objective of the elsA software project associated with the second (green) circle is to insure software coherence of the research projects : only one software package, the elsA software, must answer to all needs of the various research projects. The reunion of the three first circles is called "elsA programme" and is co-ordinated by the DSNA Department.

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