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Project  Information about elsA project
PresentationThe objectives of elsA project     
OrganizationOrganization of the project in the ONERA frame     
ContributionsThe various themes of contribution to elsA     
ManagementGlobal and day-to-day planification     
email listsAddress book concerning the project     
Software  Information about elsA software
PresentationObjectives and general choices     
Last deliveryDescription of the last delivery version     
ValidationCurrent reference version validation     
PropertyProperty information     
DownloadDownload of software, makefiles, test cases, tools     
Gallery  Examples of elsA computations
PresentationHow the results are described     
AircraftWing and multi-body applications     
HelicoptersRotor and fuselage applications     
TurbomachinerySingle stage and multi-stage applications     
MultidisciplinaryCoupling with structural computations     
PhysicsStudy of physics phenomena     
ModellingMathematical modelling of physics     
NumericsNumerical methods     
News  Last news and archives of the news
Project historyReference deliveries and life of the project     
User newsDocumentation - workshops - training - ...     
Developer newsIntermediate versions - documentation - seminars - ...     
Development  Service headings for the developers
GuidelinesGuidelines for developers     
TipsImplementation and optimization last tips     
ValidationIntermediate version validation record     
Known bugsKnown bugs on intermediate versions     
Problem trackingAccess to problem tracking data base     
ReviewsKernel and interface integration reviews     
DocumentationProvisional versions of reference product documents     
EnvironmentHardware and software environment     
UtilitiesShared tools for helping development
Use  Service headings for the users
GuidelinesGuidelines for users     
AdviceProduction option and CFD key choice advice     
UtilitiesShared tools for pre/post-processing     
Known bugsKnown bugs on reference versions     
Problem processingAccess to information about problem processing     
InstallationDirections for elsA software installation     
Validation toolTool for automatic run of tests     
Documentation  All documentation about elsA
OverviewOverview of the project documentation     
ReferenceReference documentation of the project     
SourceDoc++ generated from source code inline comments     
PublicationsMeeting and journal publications     
PresentationsSlides of presentations concerning elsA     
New doc IDDocument ID booking     
Search/Ask  If you need more information
PresentationHow to find more information     
Problem reportSubmit a problem about elsA documentation and software     
User discussion listExchanges about computations with elsA     
Dev. discussion listExchanges about development of elsA     

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