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Guidelines for users

You will find hereafter information about :

concerning the use of elsA software.

elsA versions  

elsA team manages a unique line of reference versions successively produced in conformity with the software configuration management system.

The versions intended for end users named delivery versions are thoroughly validated and are delivered with the corresponding use documentation. Between one and two elsA versions are delivered each year. Limited corrections may be delivered in the form of a patch in the few months following the delivery of the version. Description of delivery versions and patches may be found in the News/Project page.

Intermediate reference versions are produced between two deliveries. They are named release versions and are nearly monthly produced. They happen to be handed to users for need of testing capabilities ahead of the next delivery. However, one must be conscious of the risk associated to the use of these release versions, the level of systematic checking of which is limited to the no-regression base test. The description of the release versions may be found in the News/Developers page.

User documentation  

The elsA use documentation is accessible in the present web site. If you want a paper copy of any document please contact the elsA documentation manager.

We enjoin you to consult
If you need information about release versions, you will find the description of each release in the heading News/Developers, with, in particular, the modifications concerning the user interface in one release versus the previous one.

User support  

Support to the users is ensured by the elsA team, to help you in the problems that may happen during your using of the software. The contacts take place through the elsA-info@onera.fr address in conformity with the procedure described in the heading Search/Ask/Problem report. The Problem Report processing data base is avalaible for part consultation by the users in the heading Use/Problem processing. You may, in particular, find information about the probem reports you have submitted, but you may also search through all the problem reports concerning a given subject or a given version, concerning a given product type, on the occasion of which at least one exchanged mail includes a given word. Instructions are posted in the data base consultation page.

A problem detected by a user in a delivery version is pointed out by the support to the other concerned users, by mail sending. You may find this information in the heading Use/Known bugs. Similarly information about known problems concerning realease versions are available in the heading Development/Known bugs.

Communication means  

Besides the exchanges with the support already mentionned above, various communication means are available to receive information or give some about elsA using.

  • First of all, you should introduce yourself to the elsA team so as to be registered to the user list, receive access passwords to the private sections of the web site which are reserved for you, and receive all electronic or paper information intended for you by the team. You may then communicate by mail with the user support whenever you need it.

  • You will find archives of the information send by mail to the users in the headings
  • News/Users for general information,
  • Use/Advice for advice about using,
  • Use/Known bugs for known bugs in the delivered versions of code and documents,

  • The heading Use/Utilities display information about pre and post-processing tools shared between users. Do not hesitate to ask to insert your participation.

  • Finally make use of the Gallery to promote your calculation results. For that, pass to the webmaster your contributions according to the pattern described on the presentation page of the gallery.

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