7th elsA user’s Workshop:

Friday, October 10th 2014

  1.     09h30    Turbomachinery and integrated propulsion system computations using the elsA software at Snecma. D. Guégan (Snecma)

  1.     10h15    Aeroacoustic application of the elsA solver : shock waves injection & propagation using unsteady Euler computations. J. Thisse (DSNA/ACOU)

  2.     10h40    Advanced CFD simulation with elsA at Turbomeca. M. Lucas (Turbomeca)

  1.     11h30    Improvement of turbulent flow predictions through scale adaptive simulations. H. Bézard (DMAE/TACT)

  2.     11h55    Overview of transition prediction tools in the elsA software. J. Perraud (DMAE/ITAC)


  1.     14h25    Turbomachinery applications with elsA at EDF R&D. M. Marcelet (EDF R&D)

  2.     14h45    Simulation of high speed train under side wind conditions. T. Soubrié (Andhéo)

Off Aeronautic

  1.     13h35    Last improvements around hybrid grid technique of the elsA CFD software and preliminary applications. M.-C. Le Pape (DSNA/NUMF)

  2.     14h00    Recent and future developments in elsA. LES and CAA applications. G. Daviller (Cerfacs)

Numerical Methods

  1.     15h30    Status & perspectives. elsA team (DSNA/CS2A)  

General conclusion


Scale adaptive simulation of a hot jet in a cross flow. H. Bézard, F. Benyoucef (DMAE/TACT)

CM2012 simulation with hybrid mesh. L. Castillon (DAAP/H2T)

Droplets sizes calculation with elsA in a low pressure steam turbine. F. Blondel (EDF R&D)

High speed train under side wind conditions. T. Soubrié (Andhéo)