7th elsA user’s Workshop:

Thursday, October 9th 2014

  1.     10h10    Aircraft gust encounter with elsA. C. Liauzun (DADS/MSAE)

  2.     10h40    Advanced elsA simulations at Airbus. M.-J. Estève (AIRBUS)

  3.     11h05    Aerodynamic shape Optimizations with the elsA Software. M. Méheut (DAAP/ACI)

  4.     11h35    elsA applications performed by Cenaero within the FP7 ESPOSA project. J.-F. Thomas (Cenaero)

  1.     15h30    Cassiopée : CFD advanced set of services in an open python environment. C. Benoit (DSNA/CS2A)

  2.     16h05    The CGNS/Python : elsA interface and associated tools. M. Poinot (DSNA/CS2A)

Around The CFD Kernel

  1.     16h30    CFD loads prediction for CRORs in rigid motion using elsA. S. Verley (DADS/MSAE)

  2.     16h55    Drag reduction of a complete helicopter configuration. J.-C. Boniface (DAAP/H2T)



  1.     10h00    Introduction elsA team (DSNA/CS2A)

  1.     13h30    ZDES and LES of vortical, separated and/or transitional flows in turbomachinery applications. J. Marty (DAAP/H2T)

  2.     14h05    Advanced ZDES simulations for civilian aircraft. J. Dandois (DAAP/ACI)

  3.     14h30    Complex phenomena simulations : low massflow instabilities in compressors, HPT/LPV interaction in a turbine. G. Ngo Boum (LMFA)

Complex Flows

  1.     10h00    Introduction elsA team (ONERA/DSNA/CS2A)

High-lift low-pressure turbine airfoil T106C : LES simulation. J. Marty (DAAP/H2T), N. Lantos (DSNA/CS2A)

Jet flows ZDES simulation (R4Ch wind tunnel) using turbulent inflow. F. Gand (DAAP/ACI)