6th elsA user’s Workshop:

Monday, December 13th

  1.     10h10    Unsteady flow simulations in turbomachinery with Residual Based Compact scheme. Paola Cinnella (DYNFLUID)

  1.     10h40    Numerical simulation of car turbocharger centrifugal compressor and radial turbine. Hadi Tartousi (LMFA & RENAULT)

  1.     11h05    Last stage steam turbine performance assessment with CFD models. Mugurel Stanciu (EDF/R&D)

  1.     11h35    Distortion effect of turbomachinery fan. Tristan Soubrié (andheo)

  1.     11h55    Unsteady wake/potential interactions generated by moving bars on a turbine blade. Véronique Penin (LMFA)

  1.     13h30    Numerical aeroelasticity of rotating machines using the elsA/Ael module. Alain Dugeai (ONERA/DADS/MS)

  1.     14h00    Numerical simulation of tip leakage flow in high pressure gas turbines. Peter Vass (VKI)

  1.     14h30    Applications of harmonic balance method for turbomachinery. Frédéric Sicot (ONERA/DADS/MS)

  1.     14h50    Automatic transition using a correlation based transition model. Abdelkader Benyahia (ONERA/DAAP/H2T)


  1.     15h45    Aero-mechanical optimization of a Contra-Rotating Open Rotor. Michaël Leborgne (CENAERO)

  1.     16h15    Advanced methods for rotorcraft applications in SHANEL2. Michel Costes and Thomas Renaud (ONERA/DAAP/H2T)



  1.     10h00    Introduction elsA team (ONERA/DSNA/CS2A)