6th elsA user’s Workshop:

Tuesday, December 14th


  1.     09h30    Advanced elsA use at Airbus. Jérôme Bosc (AIRBUS)

  1.     10h20    Recent aircraft results with ZDES/LES from DAAP/ACI. Vincent Brunet (ONERA/DAAP/ACI)

  1.     10h50    elsA computations with Cassiopee tools for complex configurations. Mickael Meunier (ONERA/DAAP/ACI)

  1.     13h50    New aircraft aeroelastic simulations with elsA. Philippe Girodroux-Lavigne (ONERA/DADS/MS)

  1.     11h45    Recent aero-acoustic applications. Cyril Polacsek (ONERA/DSNA/ACOU)


  1.     14h45    Analysis of elsA CPU performance and parallel scalability. Michel Gazaix (ONERA/DSNA/CS2A)


  1.     14h15    Use of Chimera for store separation simulations. Pascal Thorigny (ONERA/DAAP/MHL)

Store separation

  1.     15h05    Status of "Hybrid" elsA: extension to mixed structured-unstructured configurations. Marta de la Llave Plata (ONERA/DSNA/NUMF) and Guillaume Puigt (CERFACS)


  1.     16h00    Status & perspectives. elsA team (ONERA/DSNA/CS2A)

General conclusion